The Trans Lebanon Ultra 09

Jackson Griffith & John Tyszkiewicz
5 April 2009, Beirut (Lebanon) – This is the story of a truly epic journey, a once in a lifetime experience for two Brits to run across a Middle Eastern country, to stage a unique running event with the backing of a nation to bring support to a most noble humanitarian cause, the SOS Children’s Villages. The ultimate success of what was grandly titled the Trans Lebanon Ultra 09 (TLU) project proved to be a master class in teamwork, an example of what can be achieved when a collective group of like minded individuals comes together with a single vision, with unwavering determination and endless enthusiasm to see the common goal achieved.


Lebanese SOS Youth group capture the hearts of the Irish

Compiled by Guy Jones
Irish Junior Minister for Enterprise Mr John McGuiness, Father Willie Purcell and the Irish Lebanese Cultural Foundation Board members Christine Coman and Guy Jones met on Sunday the 27th of July 08 a youth group from Lebanon currently visiting Ireland, hosted by the Arts for Peace Foundation and the Irish Defense Forces.


Developing Arab standards for out-of-home child care

In 2004, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child called for the development of Guidelines for the Protection of Children without Parental Care. A group of NGOs, of which SOS-Kinderdorf International is an active member, worked on a draft of those Guidelines. After a one-year drafting process, those draft guidelines were presented to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and served as a basis for discussion at a governmental expert meeting held in August 2006


Help for Refugee Families.

During the 33 days of war, the Lebanese Association of SOS Children’s Villages paricipated in the relief work and helped the refugee families as follows:
The SOS Children's Village in Sferai, in coordination with the SOS Family Strengthening Programme and Caritas, provided baby milk, food, diapers and medicine to 252 children below the age of 5 belonging to 175 displaced families. Moreover the children of the SOS


Children's safety and supplies top priority

"Why did the war break out? We were living happily, I just don't know why people hate each other so much", asks four-year-old Jasmin. 15 children and four SOS mothers of SOS Children's Village Ksarnaba have been living together in one house since fighting broke out. They feel much safer this way.
"Don't worry, we're all ok! The children are fine (like always) and we do our very best do give them a feeling of security.


SOS Children's Villages Lebanon remains faced with a difficult situation

Contrary to information from Austrian media, SOS Children's Village Ksarnaba will not be evacuated today. Conditions around the SOS Children's Village remain critical, however, and an evacuation has not been ruled out.
There are currently 15 children and six co-workers at SOS Children's Village Ksarnaba, which is approximately ten kilometres north of Zahle. Since the fighting began in Lebanon, grenades and bombs have fallen very close to the SOS Children's


Lebanese Association of SOS Children's Villages

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