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Help for Refugee Families

During the 33 days of war, the Lebanese Association of SOS Children’s Villages paricipated in the relief work and helped the refugee families as follows:

The SOS Children's Village in Sferai, in coordination with the SOS Family Strengthening Programme and Caritas, provided baby milk, food, diapers and medicine to 252 children below the age of 5 belonging to 175 displaced families. Moreover the children of the SOS Children's Village of Sferai decide to participate in the relief work in their own way: each child gave one of his/her toys to a child of the refugee families. This initiave becam known as "solidarity toy".

SOS social workers and volunteers distributing mattresses. Photo: SOS Archives

The SOS Children’s Village in Kferhay provided baby milk, clothes and diapers to 162 children below the age of 5 within 40 families.

The SOS Family Strengthening Programme in the North provided 200 matresses and napkins to 80 families, as well as baby milk to 102 children below the age of 5 belonging to 60 families. The FSP also supported a group of local volunteers in organizing recreational activities for some 80 displaced children within public schools in the North.

All members of SOS Children’s Villages were safe, and a couple of new children, deprived of parental care and in need of immediate protection, were admitted to our SOS Children’s Villages.

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